This past week two TY students from St. Paul’s CBS North Brunswick Street (The Brunner), completed their work experience with Localise. The two completed many different types of Localise projects during their time and were a great addition to the team. Their story is below.

Our Experience

We did our TY work experience in Localise. Our teacher gave us a choice to do Localise as part of our work experience which we accepted right away. We knew of Localise as we did a Climate Justice project with Sean last term. 

Our first day here we met with Sean, and he brought us up to a meeting room to discuss our upcoming week. He ran through the history of Localise, our tasks for the week and a micro volunteering challenge before giving us a tour of the building. 

We had to decide what our micro volunteering challenge would be. We decided on a table quiz for a local group in need. So, we got started right away developing ideas for the quiz. We decided to do five rounds with five questions each round. We completed this challenge with a group on Leo Street Daycare Centre in Dublin 1. This centre acts as a drop in service for the local elderly.

Our visit to Leo’s Street Daycare Centre.

During our time in Localise international women’s day was celebrated. So we did a second micro volunteering challenge and did handmade cards and giving cakes to the Crafty Ladies in DCU. This group in partnership with Localise, and the DCU Raising and Giving Society are knitting chicks that will be sold with cream eggs as a fundraiser for Muslim Sisters of Eire.

The Crafty Ladies enjoying their cards and treats for International Women’s Day.

Check out the link below to make your donation for a great cause!


 DCU Crafty Ladies, RAG and Localise raising funds for Muslim Sisters of Eire 

We also had the opportunity to participate in a film about the elimination of racial discrimination. We did not expect to be featuring in videos when we came to do work experience, but we are proud of our contribution of doing our part to end racism. 

Voice over work to eliminate racism.

But aside from the tasks that we did, the working environment was very accepting, and it was very easy to fit in with the staff and other volunteers. We had great fun with Localise. We learned a lot about what they do and were able to make a difference to some people. Localise treated us so well and were always trying their best to help us.  

Working here was great not only because of the goals of the organisation, but the people in it. No matter who we talked to we had a connection with them in some way which was really cool. 

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