Volunteering in Action

Our Volunteering in Action Workshop is an online facilitator-led experience designed to introduce the core values of volunteerism to your group. This programme consists of 3 easy steps; The Workshop, The Challenge and The Reflection.

The Workshop sees young people explore what volunteering is, how it relates back to themselves and the impact it has, The Challenge sees young people put their knowledge, skills and attributes into action by completing an act of service and The Reflection allows the group to reflect on what they have learned from the experience.

At the end of the workshop, participants are awarded with National Youth Volunteering Portfolios (MyVP).

What are the benefits?

Covering the core elements of volunteering, our Volunteering in Action workshop is designed to awaken a spirit of volunteerism in school and community groups.

Accelerated Confidence

Young people who complete the Volunteering in Action Workshop will know they have the skills and ability to become an agent of change in their community.

Hard & Soft Skills

By completing their action project participants learn communication, presentation, and planning skills, to name only a few!

Increased Empathy

We know that empathy has a transformative impact on young people's lives. By completing our workshop, participants develop a greater level of empathy for themselves and their peers.


The goal of our workshop is to raise awareness about the diversity within your local community, highlighting that it is our differences that make us stronger as a whole.

What participants are saying

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"It [the Localise programme] plays a huge role in influencing the community, and once we’re doing something in the community those who follow behind do the same thing, which not only benefits us ourselves but the community, as well it would also help in future career goals”

Hanad, 15

student from Dublin 7

"When you see the work that young people can come together and do, especially under the supervision of Localise, it is incredible, it will take your breath away".

Stephen, 18

from Swords

“We saw first-hand what we can do when we work together and the impact it has on our community. Localise has also provided us with lots of life skills, so it is as valuable to us as it is to our community.”

Tara, 20

DCU student

Classroom to Community

Deep dive the pillars of volunteerism to awaken a new perspective. Ideal for any school or community group that wants to make a real impact in their community.

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The power of Micro Volunteering

Small actions lead to big changes. Our Micro Volunteering campaigns allow young people across Ireland to make a real impact in their community.

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