Localise’s Community Groups are where groups of 11-17 year olds, and the volunteers that support them, come together to volunteer in their local community. 

From coming up with the ideas, planning, and executing; the power is in the hands of the group.A culture of dignity and respect is shared amongst the groups and with those they help. Examples include parties for local older people, people with disabilities and children, care packs for people in hospitals, and coffee mornings. 

We have three community groups that meet weekly, supported by Localise staff and volunteers. 

Clondalkin meets on Monday evenings, River Valley meets on Tuesday evenings, Castleknock meets on Friday evenings.

Each community group have different projects that they do, but sometimes they come together for bigger projects and workshops. 

For our community groups, 2024 is an exciting year. Each group is undertaking an Erasmus+ project. They have secured funding to complete larger projects. 


Clondalkin work closely with St Brids in peamount. There, they support people with brain injuries, their families, and the staff, with gifts and parties throughout the year. In 2024, they will be hosting larger events, as well as working on a film to tell the story of Clondalkin Localise and what they do there. This will include working with film makers and doing a film workshop to vlog behind the scenes. 

River Valley

River Valley’s project will be giving personalised gifts to unaccompanied children and asylum seeking people. Working closely with organisations that support them, they will learn about their stories and directly impact their wellbeing by bringing some kindness and practical help. They will do vlogging workshops so they can tell their own story of how they found the process, and share the story in local schools. 


Castleknock will be exploring the issue of children who spend time in hospital. Using care packs, they will engage with children in a distanced and appropriate manner, while raising what they have learned through vlogging and website information. 

Following on from the completion of these practical and needed projects, there will be an event to celebrate the work done, and to share their stories. 

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact Localise’s Community Coordinator, Cat Scanlon at cat.scanlon@localise.ie

If you wish to register your child for a community group, you can complete the registration form here and we will be in touch with you about joining the group or the waitlist. 

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