Move the Climate Justice agenda forward while volunteering locally.

Join Localise's Climate Justice Programme to empower young people as active participants in advancing climate justice through community volunteering. With Localise's youth-led and formal and non-formal learning methodologies, young people in schools and community groups will have their voices heard in addressing issues that impact their lives and communities. Through volunteering locally, participants will explore practical ways to address climate justice inequalities. By engaging in this programme, young people will use local action to influence global objectives.

Localise can integrate into your school or community group’s initiatives aligned with the
United Nations Sustainable Development Goals. Our Climate Justice Volunteering programme
addresses climate-related challenges and promotes sustainability. Depending on your
volunteer action project, the programme supports Goal 13: Climate Action and
Goal 14: Life Below Water or Goal 15: Life on Land.

Here’s how Localise contributes to the other Sustainable Development Goals:

  1. Through Localise participation, young people gain both soft and hard skills essential for their transition into the workforce, helping to combat poverty.

  2. Volunteering is known to alleviate stress, combat depression, and instil a sense of purpose, promoting overall well-being.

  3. Localise empowers young people to implement service projects using diverse learning methodologies, catering to different learning styles and promoting holistic education.

  4. After completing Localise programmes, young people will gain entry to the National Youth Volunteer Portfolio (MyVP), facilitating fair access to further and higher education and creating avenues to narrow the societal disparities in gender equality.

  5. Localise programmes foster a culture where young people of all backgrounds, regardless of age, gender or gender identity, ethnicity, religion (or none), or other factors can contribute positively to their communities, championing diversity.

  6. Through volunteering initiatives tailored to local needs, groups supported by Localise will promote solidarity and inclusion, enhancing the resilience of local communities.

  7. Volunteering with Localise offers young people their first meaningful engagement with community service, empowering them to become active participants in local and national decision-making processes, fostering peace and justice.

Interested in taking part?

Register today to participate in the Localise 2024 Climate Justice Programme commencing this September. This programme is subject to funding. Spaces are limited.

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