Localise Youth Volunteering, in partnership with Dublin City University, is pleased to announce allocation from the Public Service Innovation Fund 2024 from the Department of Public Expenditure, NDP Delivery and Reform to aid in its development of the National Youth Volunteer Portfolio  (MyVP). 

The Public Service Innovation Fund provides an important opportunity to allow Localise to explore new solutions for improved services, more seamless and inclusive digital delivery and the development of scalable innovations and enhanced collaboration between Public Service organisations, educational institutions and communities. 

The National Youth Volunteering Portfolio has emerged from Localise Youth Volunteering, which has been empowering young people to be of service to their communities since 1972.

The National Youth Volunteer Portfolio is a digital wallet that provides young people with a space and a place to record their volunteering achievements, have their skills and attributes endorsed, outline their key learnings, reflect on their experiences, and outline a vision for their future.

With a strong emphasis on targeting DEIS schools and communities of high integration, the National Youth Volunteer Portfolio has currency when accessing certain courses of study in Further and Higher Education that will take into consideration a profile of a young person through the prism of volunteering, when allocating places for study.

To find out more about the #BetterPublicServices, visit gov.ie/transformation

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