Today on the UN International Day for the Elimination of Racial Discrimination, and every day, Localise works towards a world where our communities are brought together through the power of youth volunteering. Supported by the National Integration Fund through DCEDIY, Localise works in partnership with community groups and schools to engage young people from different economic, cultural backgrounds, faiths and nationalities in local volunteering projects. 

“Volunteering connects us to our communities, helps us understand the people around us better and allows us to make a difference in our own way” (students from St. Catherine’s National School, Cabra, Dublin 7).

The process of changing the lived realities and experiences for young people to become the future civic and community leaders begins with our proven, effective mainstream integration programme. We at Localise acknowledge that the opportunities for civic engagement are not easily accessible for those with various intersectionalities, including social class and ethnicity. 

Our programmes work in partnership with community groups and primary and secondary schools engaging young people from various socio-economic and cultural backgrounds and nationalities in voluntary local community service. Each Localise programme is designed to combine education, youth volunteering and integration to maximise the experience and learning for young people by uniting in the service to others. 

“All Localise programmes work to tackle prejudice, whether it be racism, xenophobia or otherwise, by promoting understanding, mutual respect and community spirit through volunteerism” (Ann McDonnell, Pavee Point, Primary Health Care Worker).

The video above demonstrates the need and power of youth volunteerism to tackle racism and xenophobia in Irish communities.

The youth generation of Ireland is facing urgent personal and societal challenges, highlighted and broadened by the impact of multiple crises. The young people of Ireland has a decreased sense of self-worth, purpose and wellbeing. Increases in violence, post pandemic effects on well-being and education and a growing racist undercurrent in Ireland’s discourse all leads to a lack of empathy within society.

The Localise National Youth Volunteer Plan has been addressing these issues. Our programming has the capacity to combat these urgent challenges in the immediate, medium and long term. At the core of the approach is the online Localise Volunteering Platform, which will engage over 20,000 young people per year across Ireland.

Our structured and innovative programmes are available to community groups and schools across Ireland giving young people from all backgrounds, nationalities and faiths (or none) the opportunity to engage in local volunteerism that positively impacts their local community. Our success comes from our blended learning approach; done in-person and online.

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