In a touching display of community spirit, Clondalkin Parish witnessed “Scare-A-Gran” on October 30th, a heartfelt Halloween event created by dedicated youth volunteers. Their mission was clear: to bring joy and inclusivity to their local elderly community.

Reaching Out and Creating Connections

The youth volunteers organised engaging quizzes, where the elderly community tested their knowledge, shared stories and built connections. These activities transcended age, bringing everyone closer together.

Prizes, Baked Treats, and Personalized Keepsakes

Winners were rewarded with prizes as tokens of appreciation. Baked goods added sweetness to the celebration. What made this event truly special was the personalized decorations, each holding a picture of attendees, reminding them of their individual importance within the community.

A Stronger, United Community

Scare-A-Gran wasn’t just a gathering; it was a powerful example of a community’s potential to bridge generational gaps. The dedication and compassion of the youth volunteers showcased their commitment to inclusivity and growth, setting an inspiring example for other communities. Scare-A-Gran was an event that showcased the incredible strength of a united community. As we move forward, may this heart-warming initiative inspire more communities to create connections that last a lifetime.

Manuela Rosso-Brugnach

Youth Programme Facilitator

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