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In partnership with the Irish Red Cross and as a show of solidarity, peace and empathy with the Ukrainian people, the people of the surrounding countries and with the Russian people advocating for peace, Localise is encouraging all young people to take action to support the Irish Red Cross humanitarian response.

Young people of all ages can get involved in the Blue and Yellow Day campaign by holding a fundraising event such as wearing yellow and blue to school or doing a 5k walk.

Through our micro-volunteering page on and through our social media channels young people can access a range of resources including a fundraising guide, promotional video and a portal to share your event with a wider audience.

Red Cross teams are on the ground now in Ukraine and will continue their work to repair vital infrastructure, support health facilities, and help families with life-saving food and hygiene items.

“Right now on the ground in Ukraine the conflict is intensifying. People are on the move, they’ve had to leave their homes, they’ve had to leave their families, they are moving to the borders of the country where camps are set up. The Redcross are focused on keeping them protected. Right now what is needed is cash, we will get any funds to our Recross partners and they will provide goods and support services in the Ukraine” Red Cross Interim Secretary General, Liam O’Dwyer

In this rapidly evolving crisis your donation will help those affected get food, medicine, shelter and water. Your support will also help the Red Cross to assist those displaced by conflict.

#BlueandYellowDay and #UkraineCrisisAppeal

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