The annual summer garden event held at St. Brids Ward within Peamount Hospital achieved remarkable success this year, owing much of it to the exceptional Laidlaw Scholars from Trinity College. A musical ensemble named the ‘Sunshine Singers,’ composed of residents, family members, friends, and Trinity students, graced the stage with timeless melodies including tunes like “You Are My Sunshine,” “Molly Malone,” and “Whiskey in the Jar.”

Peamount’s Neuro-Disability Service, known as St. Brids Ward, provides care for individuals with acquired brain injuries or progressive neurological diseases. For more than two decades, Localise has been a steadfast supporter of St. Brids Ward, forging connections between young individuals and the service.

The Laidlaw Scholars Leadership & Research Programme is dedicated to cultivating a fresh cohort of leaders. This year, these scholars translated their leadership acumen into action by honing their transversal skills through acts of assistance to others.

The concept of Service Leadership, coined by Robert K. Greenleaf in 1970, embodies the idea that a leader’s initial inclination should be to serve others. This approach prioritises the growth and welfare of individuals and the communities they are part of. Unlike conventional leadership, which often involves power accumulation and exercise by a single individual at the summit, servant leadership diverges. A servant-leader shares power, prioritizes the needs of others, and fosters the development and optimal performance of people.

At its core, leadership entails influencing others to follow. Engaging in voluntary service brings out and amplifies leadership qualities, including traits like adaptability, interpersonal management, conflict resolution, delegation, and project coordination. These transversal skills are in high demand in today’s world. Volunteering establishes a bridge between classroom learning and the external world. It solidifies the relevance of academic studies and helps young individuals recognise that they already possess many of the proficiencies essential for future success. Without a doubt, the fusion of volunteering and academic pursuits offers a more comprehensive route for young people to acquire a diverse set of transversal skills compared to solely pursuing academic education.

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