My time at Localise!

I have been doing work experience with Localise every Friday and so far I have been loving every second of it!

Week 1

On the first week I got an introduction on what I was going to be doing while I was here, got a tour of the office and was introduced to everyone. After all that we went to Leo Street where I met the lovely older people that use the service. They were very chatty and kind. We put on some music for the them and it was so nice to hear them sing to some of their favourite songs. The residents had some interesting and funny stories to tell and were just so happy to be around.

Week 2

On week 2 we went to Marino College where I got an inside on what the Climate Justice programme entails. I got an inside on what the Marino students have been up to with this project, and while I was there they made up a class contract for this project that the class, myself, Sean and Manuela signed. This is the contract that Marino students will be respecting during their project. After that we went back to the office where I got to have an inside on what a regular Localise meeting looks like. I’m here for 5 hours which seems long, but it’s actually not. So far, I’m loving working here!

Week 3

In the morning of week 3 I helped a colleague do a run through of a new game for young people to understand the importance of resources and how countries have more then others and how richer countries could become less effected than poorer countries if a natural disaster hits them. I then went for lunch before going with Cat to the helix to discuss the project that students from DCU were going to do, I also got the opportunity to talk to one of the students there about the primary teaching course in DCU as that is one of the courses I’m thinking about taking once I’m finished school.

Week 4

I went to Mount Carmel for the first time in the morning where I got to meet the girls in the class and got to learn a little bit about each of them. After Mount Carmel Sean and I went back to the office to have a bit of lunch and to have a think about doing my own volunteer project while working at Localise, so I thought about making cards and also making clay turtles for the lovely folk in Leo street to design and paint. 

Week 5

On week 5 we went to Mount Carmel in the morning where we played the game that is said in week 3 with them so they learn the importance of resources. We also went and made a class contract with them that will be respected during the duration of the project. After Mount Carmel we went back to the office where I started to make the clay turtles for the old folk to decorate. I wanted to add in a bit of Halloween in there as it was nearly Halloween so instead of having a normal shell it was a pumpkin.

Week 6

I was away on a class trip so I didn’t get to go to Localise this week but I still worked on the little turtles and the cards which had a ghost on it with a little modification (a little heart, little cow boy hat, etc.)

Week 7

On week 7 we went to Mount Carmel in the morning and talked about the problems with fast fashion and what is fast fashion. Did you know it takes 1,800 gallons of water to make one pair of jeans?! After Mount Carmel we went to Leo Street to do the painting and they had an amazing time, they loved it, there was so many colours being used and they were so happy.

Week 8

On week 8 it was mid-term so I was not in work that week but I missed being in.

Week 9

Week 9 we went to Mount Caramel in the morning and discussed how it would help the planet by stopping fast fashion and ways we can help with the waste from fast fashion. After that me and Sean went to go get canvases to draw on so the old people could decorate them for next week and do more painting. I loved seeing them so happy from the last time I did it with them.

Week 10

On week 10 I got the privilege to work from Tuesday to Friday so for a whole week (nearly) which was amazing. One of my friends was also working at Localise this week which was pretty cool, on Tuesday we went to Larkin where we got to meet the first years who were prepping for the old folk from Leo Street who were coming the next day for lunch. We then went to for lunch and got to go into this classroom and do this really cool thing called silent lunch where the classroom is dark there is only little lamps placed in there and there is peaceful music playing in the background while you sit and eat lunch in pure silence, it was so nice and refreshing. After lunch we got to meet the LCA’S from larking who are working on a climate justice project and they were talking about what questions they were going to ask at an event they were invited to by Localise in Dublin Castle, after that we went home. On Wednesday we got to Larkin bright and early to help the first years set up and get ready for the old folk coming in for there lunch which was shepards pie and apple crumble for a treat, all was made by the first years in Larkin (we also got a bit) as soon as the old people were done we helped get everything cleaned up and sorted out. The old people all went on their way and were happy out that they got food and got to talk to some young people. My favourite part of the day was hearing them still talk about the turtles and cards I gave them and how they were still so delighted on how the turtles turned out. Thursday was a boring day as we sat in the office all day but still had some laughs.

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