Our Young People

As part of Localise young people build friendships and understand that teamwork matters.

Youth in Action: young people making a real difference in the lives of others and within themselves.

Working together, embracing diversity, making a difference.

Localise provides a platform where young people from all backgrounds can work together, understand each other’s differences, focus on their communalities in order to give back to their communities.

“Integration is a two way process and it is as important for immigrants to participate in and contribute to society than it is for the native community to embrace new neighbours and work alongside them for the betterment of their society”.

- National Integration Centre Ireland

Working together made it like you are all just one, you weren’t a different colour, you weren’t a different religion, you were all together. It didn’t matter what you looked like or what you wore
Najat Ahmet - Student
By involving young people from all faiths, all backgrounds, all language proficiency and all abilities, we can move the focus to the commonalities that bind us rather than the differences that divide us. Working with others for others builds confident, cooperative and responsible young people, who become connected to their community and help to create a positive local environment.
From the outset Localise, through its experiential learning methodologies and teamwork activities, provides a positive learning environment that enables young people to appreciate and understand each other’s social and cultural backgrounds. It allows for understanding and respect of differences while concentrating on their commonalities as young people living in their Irish communities.
It made me, as a citizen, just very happy that I managed to make a change in someone’s life
Jonathan Paynor - Student

Skills and techniques that a young people can experience through a Localise programme.

Research shows that young people after engaging in local volunteering are more likely to give back to their community in the long term, they are less likely to be involved in anti-social behaviour, are more likely to be more understanding of people from different backgrounds, they develop more social skills, and have gained work-life skills that can be adapted in the workplace

Young people are at the centre of every part of the Localise organisation.

During all the Localise programmes, it is Young people who decide who they want to help, why they want to help them and how they can be of service. Facilitated by adult volunteers and Localise staff, young people plan, organise and deliver all Localise community service projects.

The Localise programme also enables young members to develop as leaders within the organisation, through our young adult leaders and youth mentor training programme.

Our youth leaders help and support their peers, as together they make a difference in their community.

If you would like to learn more about how to get involved with Localise in a current programme or a programme that might potentially be involved in your area please register your interest today.

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